Our Philosophy


Orange Preschool is guided by the National Early Years Learning Framework, its principles, practices and learning outcomes. Our aim is to advocate for and provide a high quality, developmentally appropriate and supportive programme. Our programme is based on play as a means of developing children’s social, emotional, intellectual and behavioural abilities.

We support the rights of the child under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child, and follow the Code of Ethics as developed by the Australian Early Childhood Association.

Our environment allows children to experience belonging, being and becoming in relation to their family, community, culture and place. We provide a safe, healthy, nurturing environment focused on well-being, developing autonomy and readiness for school. We do this through ensuring that as educators our relationships with the children are respectful and nurturing. These relationships and the children’s trust in us, is paramount in everything we do.

We provide a curriculum that supports families and lets each child express and develop their identity and understanding of the world through play based experiences. These positive learning experiences promote and develop social and emotional resilience, independence and problem solving skills. We promote social responsibility for the environment and sustainable practice.

When educators and parents work together children experience successful learning and development. We promote parental and community involvement.

Our educators are professionally trained, confidential and regularly engage in formal and informal professional development. We include consistent and regular reflection and refinement of the children’s learning processes, our programme and ourselves as educators.

We advocate and promote inclusive participation and celebration of all cultures, religions and lifestyle choices and believe partnerships are based on mutual trust, respect and open communication. It is important to respect our nation’s first people. We give each child and their family, the opportunity to have a voice.

We aim to be financially accessible for as many families as possible and strive to provide 600 hours of a preschool programme in the year before school for as many children as possible.