We’ve had two of our children (and a third in coming years) wander into Orange Preschool, and the growth and confidence the kids develop over the course of those days, weeks, months and years after that first day really is like watching a flower blossom.

All of the staff there are wonderful at their jobs, and have given our kids the best possible tools – self belief, problem-solving skills, a sense of community and the feeling of belonging – they can have to venture off to big school. And, importantly, they do it all while allowing the kids to have fun in a safe and secure environment.

We love the play areas, really enjoy the art the kids bring home and can’t wait to hear all the stories the kids bring home with them after a day at the school.

We love Orange Preschool, and can’t wait to see the facility really come to life (even more than it is already!) when the renovations are complete.

Myself and my wife feel it’s important to give our kids the best possible foundation before they head off to big school, and Orange Preschool provides that and then some.

Well done to everyone involved there – keep up the GREAT work!