Orange preschool has been a wonderful centre for our daughter to attend.

The educators are kind, gentle and respectful. They develop programs that are of interest to the children and that make learning fun and effortless. They stay tuned with the children’s interests, cultural backgrounds and outside experiences, and make a wonderful job of incorporating it into their program. A lot of reflexion goes behind the activities that are offered and the way that they are delivered. Each child belongs there in their own way and is given a voice, which is so powerful for them as they are building a sense of who they are. They also learn to be respectful of their peers and to honour difference.

I find communication with the families is outstanding. Every change or significant information is communicated through the Educa platform. It is very easy to speak to an educator either at drop off or pick up, or over the phone. The team are very responsive when something is brought up to an educator and they are always lovely to speak with.
I highly recommend Orange preschool and look forward to our little one attending in a couple of years.
Thank you to Sonya and all the teachers at Orange preschool for giving our children an opportunity to grow in a safe, fun and caring environment.